[nycbug-talk] version control for config files

David Lawson dave at donnerjack.com
Sun Mar 8 16:30:58 EDT 2009

> should check out cobbler if you all are interested in a provisioning
> mgt system:
> https://fedorahosted.org/cobbler/
> yea, it's currently RHEL/Fedora based, but i've used it for a while
> now to manage other OS's.  it's written in python, and it supports
> Cheeta templates inside kickstart/preseed/<other-install-auto-
> responder-here> files.  it also manages dhcpd and bind configs pretty
> well and has a webUI.
> the developer works for redhat - but he's a super nice guy and really
> wants better BSD and non-rhel support for his project.
> it integrates with puppet quite well too...

We actually use that as well, it replaced our original, simpler  
kickstart system.  We haven't seen a lot of value add out of it,  
honestly, but I have a feeling we aren't leveraging its functionality  
as well as we should be, the guy who deployed it isn't big on  
documentation or communication, so it's just kind of there.

What kind of additional features beyond basic kickstart are you guys  
getting from it?


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