[nycbug-talk] Sun News Roundup

Marc Spitzer mspitzer at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 22:44:42 EDT 2009

2009/3/20 Miles Nordin <carton at ivy.net>:
> I see that Sun is disrespecting the reasonable way with which certain
> authors to whom I feel solidarity wish to use their copyright.  Can I
> or can I not attack the reputation of the one doing this?  I'd like
> to, because they are _trading_ on that reputation in a big way so I
> have some hope of success, and attacking it serves my interest.

But is not the GNU/FSF also doing/has done exactly what you are
complaining that Sun did to GNU?  Was not most of the orignal GNU
products rebranded BSD, and BSD licenced, tools?  Flex and Bison come
to mind, I also think that early GCC was also based on BSD PCC( I
could be wrong here).  There is no real way to argue that GPLing a BSD
project is not a violation of the authors intent.  And while we are on
the subject of marketing does not the FSF heavely and massivly
misrepresent the word free in their message?  GPL can not be free as
the word is defined in the dictionary, as it contradicts the
definition of free in any english dictionary I have read.  It seems
like sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better.
Albert Camus

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