[nycbug-talk] Mixed RHEL / FreeBSD environment

Bjorn Nelson o_sleep at belovedarctos.com
Mon Mar 23 21:38:46 EDT 2009

Matt Juszczak wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone ever tried a mixed RHEL and FreeBSD environment?  We're 100% 
> RHEL right now, but migrating to a new data center.  Considering the 
> options and the amount of BSD fans in the mix, we'd like to switch at 
> least the lower trafficked boxes (utility boxes, jump boxes, etc.) to 
> FreeBSD.  We are also debating making our webs FreeBSD, because of some 
> research that shows Apache seems to run nicely on FreeBSD compared to RHEL 
> (if not better in certain circumstances).
When we added kernel carp to our freebsd hosts at my old job, it really 
made it easy to keep primary services like dns, smtp, etc. available 
during maintenance/hardware issues.  It's really simple once you get it 
setup and for the freedom it gives you, I really treasured it.


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