[nycbug-talk] Austrian hosting

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Mar 26 08:12:46 EDT 2009

Brian Gupta wrote:
> Overeard : "bgupta, you could try sil.at - many austrians choose
> hosting in .de i was just told"

Hmmmm. . . that's surprising since i know the .de laws are increasingly 
pretty brutal in terms of logging AFAIK.  That's what i've picked up on 
the tor list.

I think .at is the one country I don't know of providers in in the whole 
of .eu.

Got a swarm of followups (but with nothing too real yet) offlist.


And a few of you gave me a good morning laugh.

Found this list the obvious way


but forwarded sil.at


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