[nycbug-talk] Cacti Replacement

Steve Rieger riegersteve at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 17:18:20 EDT 2009

Andy Kosela wrote:
> Steve Rieger <riegersteve at gmail.com> wrote:
>> comparing the following (and displaying all of em, from install to go live)
>> hyperic
>> nimbus
>> nagios
>> zenoss
>> zabbix
>> cacti
> Interesting.  Would like to know the hyperic vs. zabbix differences to
> effectively monitor FreeBSD/Linux environment.
> --Andy
how bout this,

i can open a conf line for the presentation.
i can definitly record it for yous all, and send out a url for the 
presentation files.

but in short,

zabbix is a one way solution
clients send data to mon_server
mon_server dont know nuttin about nuttin, and if any metric changes it 
will react based on whatever trigger you defined

hyperic requires two way comms, (unless you want to pay $45 per 
monitored) host

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