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This will be pretty common ground for those of you that attended the NYCBUG
puppet preso, but figured I'd post in case anyone missed the original
meeting. (I know of at least one person who did, and wanted to know if the
preso was going to be gien again.)

- Brian Gupta

New York City user groups calendar:

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Please register here: http://rsvp.nylug.org/

We should be getting together after the preso, if folks want to
exchange notes. (Likely at the TGI Fridays near the IBM Building where
the NYLUG meeting will be held).

Announcement: http://www.nylug.org/home/index.shtml

Larry Ludwig
- on -
Puppet: What it is and how can it make system administration less
** Please note important information about: this meeting **

   Please join us on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 for a discussion
of Reductive Labs' Centralized configuration management framework,

   Puppet is a model-driven open source framework designed to
efficiently manage data center infrastructure. It's the sysadmin's
best friend, reducing error counts and downtime, saving countless
hours and providing significantly higher service quality. Puppet lets
sysadmins spend less time on mundane tasks and instead focus on
managing their infrastructure as a whole.

   System administrators have long written custom scripts and tools
to help automate common tasks such as configuration management and
system updates. But as networks scale and reach outside the corporate
firewall, custom tools become yet another management headache.

   The benefits of automated infrastructure go beyond policy-enforced
consistency and auditing. In conjunction with virtualizaton, the
ability to reliably create new systems running consistent services
creates auto-scaling applications as well as test systems identical to
production environments.

   Puppet abstracts the system from the system administration,
providing developers and system administrators with a simple service-
based policy framework that allows for more consistent, transparent
and flexible systems.

   Puppet is currently in use at many organizations, large and small,
including: Google, Yahoo, and RedHat.

   More Information:

       * Puppet
       * Reductive Labs
       * Puppet Wiki
       * Puppet users discussion
       * Puppet developers discussion
       * Puppet NYC User Group

   About Larry Ludwig:
   Larry Ludwig is a Solutions Architect at Brandorr Group LLC. Larry
has been in the industry for over 15 years as a system administrator,
DBA and system programmer. He`s had previous experience working for
Fortune 500 corporations and holds a BS in CS from Clemson University.
Larry has written over 120 puppet modules. Larry, along with Eric E.
Moore and Brian Gupta are founding members of the NYC Puppet

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