[nycbug-talk] ChrootDirectory user w/OpenSSH 5.3 on OpenBSD 4.4

Josh Rivel josh at rivels.org
Thu Oct 15 12:13:05 EDT 2009


On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Michael Hernandez
<mike.hernandez at techally.com> wrote:
> I asked about this once in #openbsd on freenode and I got yelled at.
> They told me I could accomplish all of this with login classes, but I
> never figured out how.  In the end I decided it didn't really matter
> if the users could see files outside of their home... I sort of gave
> up ;)
> I'm curious to see an answer to this questio!
> --Mike H

Heh OK.  I'll read up on the login classes as well, thanks.


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