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Max Gribov wrote:
> this sounds pretty awesome

Very awesome.

(pasted in attached email)

> Dear FreeBSD Community,
> The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce a new funded project!
> Pawel Jakub Dawidek has been awarded a grant to implement storage
> replication software that will enable users to use the FreeBSD operating
> system for highly available configurations where data has to be shared
> across the cluster nodes. The project is partly being funded by OMCnet
> Internet Service (GmbH www.omc.net) and TransIP BV (www.transip.nl).
> The software will allow for synchronous block-level replication of any
> storage media (GEOM providers, using FreeBSD nomenclature) over the
> TCP/IP network and for fast failure recovery. HAST will provide storage
> using GEOM infrastructure, which means it will be file system and
> application independent and could be combined with any existing GEOM
> class. In case of a master node failure, the cluster will be able to
> switch to the slave node, check and mount UFS file system or import ZFS
> pool and continue to work without missing a single bit of data.
> "High-availability is the number one requirement for any serious use of
> any operating system," said Pawel Jakub Dawidek, FreeBSD Developer.
> "Highly available storage is one of the key components in such
> environments. I strongly believe there are many FreeBSD users that have
> been waiting a long time for this functionality. I'll do my best to
> deliver software that matches FreeBSD quality and that will satisfy the
> needs of our users."
> Pawel has been an active FreeBSD committer since 2003. During this
> period, he has touched almost every part of the kernel. But, his main
> interest in FreeBSD is storage and security related topics. Pawel is the
> author of various GEOM classes (eli, mirror, gate, label, journal, hsec,
> etc.), geom(8) utility, various opencrypto improvements as well as port
> of the ZFS file system from OpenSolaris to FreeBSD.
> The project will complete by February 2010.
> Sincerely,
> The FreeBSD Foundation
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