[nycbug-talk] Considering BSD-based desktop

Christopher Olsen cwolsen at ubixos.com
Tue Sep 1 15:35:43 EDT 2009

I use gnome on my network with FreeBSD 8-BETA3 (FBSD 7.2-STABLE will
probably work as well) I can use linux firefox and linux flash there is no
native flash support and Xine will play your dvds as far as tethering goes
you will have to google about that :)

I hope this helps...


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Hi all,

I used to run with FreeBSD 4.x with xfce.  It worked quite well, but I 
ended up switching to Ubuntu 7.x, which is now end of life.  I'm 
considering the upgrade to Ubuntu 9.x, but would really really like that 
FreeBSD based system back.  What I didn't like that made me switch was:

  - Lack of ability to easily get flash running
  - Lack of tethering support with Verizon
     (I have a blackberry I use to tether, and got it working in Ubuntu)
  - Lack of ease to play DVD's.

Like FreeBSD for servers, Ubuntu sort of just "works" as a desktop 
machine.  But I do miss the ports collection and all the fun FreeBSDisms 
that make me love the OS.

Can anyone recommend a setup they've used that works well and could 
potentially allow me to especially get #2 working? (Tethering with Verizon 


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