[nycbug-talk] HP DL165G5 Issues

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 The latest firmware did not help, I tried that last week. Maybe they have newer firmware out there.

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> If you do have support, the 1st thing they'll ask is whether your firmware is up 
> to date.

So, check that out.

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> [nycbug-talk] HP DL165G5 Issues
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  Any one out there using Hp DL165G5 servers. I have a about 10 now 
> and a number of the exhibit an odd issue. With freebsd , under i/o load the 
> system hangs for 6 to 10 seconds every 30 seconds or so , and  processes 
> are stuck in state getblk or biord . I was thinking it could be a disk or sata 
> controller issue so I swapped them both out sata for a p400 sas card and swapped 
> drives a few times sas,sata mdl dual port single port  and no change 
> .   So. Installed 8.0 7.2 7.3 all have the same issue. I then tried CentOS 
> 5.1 and 5.4 and  similar issues popped up. Formatting a 1T drive took over 
> 45min .  Any one have any ideas on what's toast ?  What would a 
> process stuck in getblk or biord refer to ? 
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