[nycbug-talk] Will trade 1 beer tonight for an IPv6 related code review tonight

Justin Dearing zippy1981 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 15:47:52 EDT 2010


I'm sure many of you actually run IPv6 on your networks. The code in
question is the patch I just added to this ticket in the php bug database


Basically there is code that picks IPv6 addresses out of an array, and a sub
filter that removes all the "special" ones like loopback, 6bone etc. I
implemented the subfilter.

The problem is I've never actually used IPv6. I've read the wikipedia
article, read the ticket comments, played with an IPv6 calculator, but there
might be some edge cases.

So the first person who has actually administered an IPv6 network that finds
the guy with a crew cut with a powerbook G4 (I have a gravatar), is entitled
to one beer from me in exchange for making sure I don't have any edge cases
in my code.

The code is in C, and the testfixture is in PHP, but you don't need to be
able to program in either one to be able to help me. As long as you can
think of edge cases I can add them to the test fixture, and fix them.

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