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Pat McEvoy mcevoy.pat at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 00:26:37 EST 2010

We are starting a new project to help spread the news about the good
work done by the volunteers and contributors to both NYCBUG and the BSD
community at large.
This project is called bsdtv.org. (Don't bother checking just yet, we are
still under construction.)
It will focus on many facets of the BSD community including basic HowTo
videos, the
BSD certification process, talks and tips. We plan to cover Cons, give props
to committers, and lend a helping
hand to the newbies. Our goal is to be a regular BSD video podcast.

We want you:
- If you have recorded a talk that you would like to release on a
BSD-centric website
- If you have any footage of previous Cons
- If you would like to contribute either time, hardware, or cash to our
- To please check us out when we get up and running.

We look forward to adding to the many voices of the BSD community and hope
we serve you well.

Patrick McEvoy
Jim Brown
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