[nycbug-talk] OT: sublet

Charles Sprickman spork at bway.net
Fri Jan 15 17:03:34 EST 2010


I apologize for the repost.  Same space is available, and it's going for 
$800 now with no internet/phone.

Additionally another space is opening on 2/15, and we also have a window 
office for $900.

All the other perks remain - we're an ISP and we can provide all sorts of 
interesting connectivity and hosting options to a tenant who needs to have 
staging/devel servers, production boxes etc. colocated with us at the 
office or at 111 8th Avenue.

Hit me up with any questions...



On Sat, 7 Nov 2009, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Hello all,
> Sorry if this is somewhat off topic, perhaps even spammy, but I thought this 
> might be a good place to find a tenant.
> Bway.net has an office available for sublet, it's approximately 10'x13' and 
> it's in our office at Prince and Broadway.  One Cisco VoIP phone with 
> unlimited calling and it's own DID is included, basic internet connectivity 
> (ethernet) as well as power, heat, A/C, etc.  Location is nice, subway stop 
> right at the building (N/R) and one up at Houston (V/F/D/B).
> The office is big enough for two or three people.  There's a minimal kitchen 
> in the office, and you can also use the conference area.
> Listing is on Craigslist:
> http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/off/1454673315.html
> In the past we've had tenants that had little need for some of the perks that 
> are available:
> -100Mb/s bandwidth over metro-e at this location (we'd include either capped 
> or burstable in the office, could be talked into a deal if you need lots)
> -small co-lo room (we'd discount co-location and bandwidth)
> -co-lo at 111 8th Ave/Level3 (again, a discount for a tenant)
> -depending on your line of business, we can refer customers to you
> Contact me if you have any questions...
> Thanks,
> Charles
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> Charles Sprickman
> NetEng/SysAdmin
> Bway.net - New York's Best Internet - www.bway.net
> spork at bway.net - 212.655.9344

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