[nycbug-talk] [OT] Google patents MapReduce

Steven Kreuzer skreuzer at exit2shell.com
Thu Jan 21 09:38:52 EST 2010

On Jan 20, 2010, at 5:09 PM, Francisco Reyes wrote:

> Google has recently recieved a patent on MapReduce.
> The article doesn't say a whole lot that would be "news" to anyone and in the end it comes down to not knowing what Google's plans are for the patent.
> http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/01/googles-mapreduce-patent-wha t-does-it-mean-for-hadoop.ars?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss
> Short URl..
> http://tinyurl.com/yh83qof
> Preview..
> http://preview.tinyurl.com/yh83qof
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This article lists a few reasons why its in Google's best interest to not enforce the patent.


Does this mean we can officially call Google evil?

Steven Kreuzer

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