[nycbug-talk] OT: objective C

Andy Kosela akosela at andykosela.com
Wed Jan 27 09:48:10 EST 2010

"nikolai" <nikolai at fetissov.org> wrote:

> > Hi all,
> >
> > I consider myself to be an experienced systems admin, mysql DBA, lamp
> > developer, etc. However, where my weakness lies is not knowing a solid,
> > lower level programming language like C and/or object C.
> >
> > What would be the best way to learn something like this? Books? Classes?
> > Auditing a college course?
> >
> > Thanks for any advice you can give. I figure as most of you are systems
> > admins as well, many have dabbled in the realms of C.
> >
> Matt,
> These two classic but still excellent books will get you pretty far:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_C_Programming_Language_(book)
> http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/tpop/

Yes, these are very good books on C.  I can personally recommend
excellent courses by Marshall Kirk McKusick which are suited if you
already at least can read C code and would like to know what is going on
under the hood in the UNIX system.


Andy Kosela
akosela at andykosela.com

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