[nycbug-talk] good cross-platform shell notes?

Isaac Levy isaac at diversaform.com
Sun Mar 14 13:13:07 EDT 2010

Hi All,

I'm looking to collect good comprehensive pages regarding cross-platform shell scripting, you know, the gotchas with all the basic utilities between UNIX, BSD, and Linux systems- and some of the common minor shell gotchas.

Does anyone have any URL suggestions?

Usually, when I'm really getting persnickety about portability, I rely on the man pages for various platforms- but this can be extremely time consuming...  For example, grep caret issues:

- vs -

I'm certain there's plenty of folks out there who manage lots of heterogeneous UNIX/BSD/Linux environments?

One such comparison page I've found is:

Any other good resources out there?  A big-ol' table of notes would rock my world...


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