[nycbug-talk] a new direction for NYC*BUG

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Mar 25 15:10:30 EDT 2010

George Rosamond wrote:
> Chris Snyder wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 2:52 PM, Chris Snyder <chsnyder at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> The trick with a community repository is that you're really talking
>>> about creating a bunch of independent repositories, rather than one
>>> big one. Hans doesn't want me committing my sloppy code into his
>>> project, I'm sure.
>>> So whatever you choose, make sure the administrative overhead of
>>> creating new repositories and assigning commit rights is handled in an
>>> elegant way. And if you need to invent that wheel, that's a great seed
>>> project for the new repo. Nothing like eating your own dogfood...
>> Oh, and that said, you could offer a choice. Hans prefers svn, I
>> prefer hg, but they are separate repos so it doesn't matter.
>> You would need a meta-list of projects somewhere, but I think you'll
>> need that anyway?
>> Stop me if I've had too much caffeine.
> LOL. . . yeah, but you made *the* valid point.
> What do we need?  managing independent repositories for an array of people.
> We're trying to find the right tool for the project, not debate the 
> merits of every option for the sake of it.

Just to clarify:

If an individual 'bazaar' project has a jail, they can use anything they 
want. . . emacs + rsync + grep if they want, for all I care.

However, this is specifically for Ike's proposed idea of repositories 
for scripts.

I assume we'd structure by name/handle of individual.

They'd get a login, commit, and could make change in the future, if they 
wanted.  Anyone else could have read access, and fork it. . . locally or 
on the server. (as we discussed offline, Bill T)

Does that make sense to Ike and all?

FYI, the bazaar box is in the colo, and will be built out this weekend.


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