[nycbug-talk] BSDJobs.net re-write

Matt Juszczak matt at atopia.net
Sat May 29 00:32:59 EDT 2010

Hi all,

As many of you know, I started BSDJobs.net about 3 years ago.  The site is 
still used today, but I haven't done anything new with it in the past few 
months, primarily because the code is procedural and I have always wanted 
it to be re-written from scratch first.

Now is the time to do so.  I've recently acquired some small (but 
reasonable) funding to pay someone to re-create the existing site from 
scratch.  I can handle the database side of things, but that person would 
be responsible for the code + views/design.

Once the site is re-written, I'd like to give SVN commit access to some of 
those who want it, so that more people can develop on the project and 
continue to help it grow.

Before I reached out to some of my developer friends, I wanted to see if 
anyone on list was interesting in taking this on.  Your name would forever 
be in the credits of the site, you would receive a "reasonable" sum for 
the work you do, and I would hope that you would still make contributions 
to the project (unpaid of course) after the initial re-write is complete.

Thanks in advance for any interest.


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