[nycbug-talk] Running a mail server on Amazon EC2

Siraaj Khandkar siraaj at khandkar.net
Tue Nov 2 12:52:59 EDT 2010

On 1 Nov 2010, at 10:18, Max Gribov wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 11:58:30PM -0400, Siraaj Khandkar wrote:
>> Hello Gentlemen,
>> Have any of you ever run a mail server on Amazon's EC2? If so, did you experience any problems due to blacklisting of EC2 addresses?
> Its definitely not recommended. IP addresses are blacklisted all over, and non-elastic ip's cannot have reverse dns, which makes it even more problematic for some receivers.

Eh, that is the conclusion I am also coming to. Was hoping someone might've had a positive experience... Oh well, Rackspace is next on my list, as far as pricing...

> We use authsmtp.com as a gateway service, we're happy with it.

Not really interested in using a 3rd party for now, but will keep it in mind - it seems authsmtp is liked by many.

Thanks guys!

-- Siraaj Khandkar

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