[nycbug-talk] Building E-mail Infrastructure Slides

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Fri Sep 3 19:37:39 EDT 2010

Bruno Scap writes:

> Depending on what the customers want, how clean their lists

Even with clean lists it is always a problem. All the mailings I deal with 
are pretty much guaranteed to be valid users and yet people forget or don't 
want to be bothered and sometimes mark the emaisl as spam instead of using 
the unsubscribe option.

> Do you mean a service that would whitelist your IPs and tell for example 
> Yahoo about them?

> I believe all big guys (AOL, Yahoo, etc.) have such services on their 
> websites, and you can set up what they call a feedback loop.

I have tried going directly to the large providers, but it's a pain so I am 
going to spend the effort more on finding a company to do the whitelisting.

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