[nycbug-talk] Building E-mail Infrastructure Slides

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Sat Sep 11 00:21:33 EDT 2010

Charles Sprickman writes:

> Anyone that sends a large quantity of email should have an FBL setup.  AOL 
> makes it easy, Hotmail/Live/MSN is a bit of a pain, TW was easy.

Our biggest pain is Yahoo.
> provide "reputation services"), I can hook you up with a mailing list 
> company that may be able to work with you.  They have an API that you can 
> use to send "double opt-in" bulk content, and they have gone to the 
> trouble over the many years I've worked for them to maintain relationships 
> with all the major ISPs.

Sure. Doesn't hurt to talk to them. Send me the info.


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