[nycbug-talk] Anyone using lagg?

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Sun Jan 9 21:50:33 EST 2011

Anyone using lagg to load balance/round robin multiple connections?

Found a couple of good lagg tutorials

But there are a few things that I can't find so far...

Does one need a third card to reach the machine where one runs lagg?
Say I have em0 and em1, do I assign actual IPs to the cards before adding
them to lagg or they can't have IPs of their own? Will the lagg ip allow 
connections to the machine itself (ie ssh).

At my new job there is a T1 which is not enough bandwith so we are getting a 
connection from Time warner to hold us off until a move (we will order 
proper amount of bandwith in new location)

I had this setup in mind.

Time warner cable connection.

I will be getting a machine to do the lagg setup and so far ordered 2 NICs.

Also based on this thread, 
http://forums.freebsd.org/archive/index.php/t-2608.html, it seems lagg can 
cause havoc in some switches, but I am wondering if that is if both cards 
are in the same switch. In my planned scenario only one card will be 
connected to a switch (the T1 connection).

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