[nycbug-talk] haven't seen a good flame fest in a while

Peter Wright pete at nomadlogic.org
Sat Jul 16 13:41:29 EDT 2011


i'm sure you all have seen this already - made me giggle.  good times.

aside from the goofy BSD comments this part made me chuckle (as someone who has developed and supported linux based desktops in enterprises for *years* now):

"LinuxFr.org : Why Linux desktop hasn’t been adopted by the mainstream users ? Linus Torvalds seems to think it's mostly a social issue and not a technical one. Do you agree with him ?

Lennart : I think we weren't innovative enough in the interface, and we didn't have a convincing message and clear platform. If you accept MacOS as benchmark for user interfaces, then we weren't really matching it, at best copying it. I think this is changing now, with GNOME 3 which is a big step forward as an interface for Linux and for the first time is something that has been strictly designed under UI design guidelines...Getting a clear message out what Linux is supposed to be is definitely a social issue, but to make that happen the Linux platform needs to be streamlined first, and that's a technical task, and not done yet."

i like how its not about x.org, or KDE, GNOME or whomever anymore...its about making a linux desktop that looks cool.  screw trying to make it usable, intuitive and predictable to admins, devs and end-users - we just gotta make sure that your UI looks really cool shiny, that'll solve everything :p

anyway this guy is a clown with ~%0 real world experience supporting linux desktop systems on a large scale as far as i can tell by his past work and current thinking....


Pete Wright
pete at nomadlogic.org

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