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Robin Polak robin.polak at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 16:36:53 EDT 2011

Fellow NYCBUG members,

    I'm having a problem with getting my PFSense router to allow traffic
from the LAN network to the OPT network.  I've tried upgrading to 2.0 to no
avail.  From what I have read I should only need a rule on the LAN interface
to allow traffic to the OPT1 network if I want the LAN network to be able to
target machines in the OPT network.  This is not working.  I've also tried
putting in a rule to explicitly allow the traffic to the LAN network.  I
also tied configuring a floating rule selecting both the LAN and OPT
interface and allowing traffic from LAN network to OPT network.  Both
networks can see the internet through the WAN interface, and I can ping the
OPT interface on the PFSense box from a host on the LAN network even if I
explicitly try to block that.  Very strange..  Do you have any insight you
can provide me?

Robin Polak
E-Mail: robin.polak at gmail.com
V. 917-494-2080
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