[nycbug-talk] Apple Users - What is the compelling reason to upgrade to OSX 10.7

Chris Snyder chsnyder at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 17:15:01 EDT 2011

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 2:54 PM, Mark Saad <mark.saad at ymail.com> wrote:
> Apple Users of Talk
>  I was wondering what if any are the compelling reasons to upgrade to
> OS X 10.7 . On a side note it appears that in 10.7 there is an absence
> of new UNIX features.
> In 10.6 there was a lot of talk about Grand Central Dispatch , and all
> of the prior versions, to the best of my memory had some new UNIX
> feature.

The more I think about it, and having upgraded one of my Macs, I'm not
really sure what compelling reason there might be to do the others.
Yes, I read the Ars review, and marveled at the breadth and depth of
it, but looking back at the table of contents, it's all pretty "meh".

>From a unix point of view? The only thing I can think of is that your
terminal windows will all reopen in the same place now after a
restart. That may be excellent or very disturbing depending on your
point of view.

Much has been made of the new security features, definitely read up on
those. But they are voluntary -- developers are encouraged, but not
forced, to use them.

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