[nycbug-talk] OpenSSH book

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Mon Jun 6 14:40:52 EDT 2011

On 06/06/11 13:14, mikel king wrote:
> On Jun 6, 2011, at 9:20 AM, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
>> That's precisely the sort of weird edge case I'm NOT covering.  :-)
>> I am doing tunnels and security of agent forwarding, but not GSSAPI
>> and complex auth mechanisms.  The latter vary wildly depending on
>> operating system.
>> My target reader has downloaded PuTTY, typed in a username and
>> password, and says "I'm secure!"  Once you have a handle on keys, X11
>> forwarding, and restricting certain keys to certain commands (for
>> automated use), they'll be able to use man pages and google for that
>> weird crap.
>> ==ml
> So you'll not likely be covering rendezvous points and the like?

I think the point ML is making about the audience is important.

It's for PUTTY users. . . think about what next steps the majority of 
those users need.

Tunneling would certainly be front and center from my guess, as using keys.

There's nothing wrong with people raising more advanced functions and 
configs with ssh or sshd, since some of that stuff might fit in.  And 
actually, I think it's a cool idea to add a section for "the 
adventurous" as mundane as the points might be to many others.

But it seems to be, this is the "next step" for users just putty'g 
without keys, not knowing how to create tunnels, etc.

I suspect these are the people who haven't been smart enough to tunnel 
their traffic at technical conferences :)


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