[nycbug-talk] coming to NYC for some weeks...

George Georgalis george at galis.org
Thu May 12 00:45:36 EDT 2011


I hope many of you will remember me from my time in NYC and when
I was more active in this group. :) Well, I'm coming this weekend
(14 May) for 4 weeks and looking for place to sleep. If you have
a day or three (or more) I can use your couch, that would be
excellent! Will be very busy working 8 or 10 hour days but would
like to get away from that for evenings and weekends. :)

Most important that I find hosts for the earlier part of my stay
as I've been pretty (extremely) broke past months, but I'll be
able to sublet or use hotel after two weeks (28 May). I'll be
working near Queensboro Plaza, subway lines N, 7, E, G, R, F. So
if you are near one of them and can host me you are golden! But I
don't mind transfers :}

I have basic bedding and know the ins and outs of being a quality
guest. :) I'm also good about replying to email, so if there is
ever any question, feel free to message me directly.

If you can host me for some nights that would be great. If not
but know someone who may, please pass on my contact.  Either
way, I hope to make the monthly meeting and look forward to some
pub (read quality) time with my old friends there.  As for newer
members, I look forward to meeting you!


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