[nycbug-talk] Strange Apache Coredump behavior

Mark Saad mark.saad at ymail.com
Mon Oct 24 12:04:41 EDT 2011

Hello Talk@
  I have a strange apache issue , and I wonder if anyone has seen this before.
I am running Apache 1.3.34 on freeBSD 7.3-RELEASE amd64 . At some
point in the day
apache's children segfault and die. No core files are generated.  I am
not running mod_php either.

1. I have setup the following sysctls

 #Debug options

2. The httpd.conf is set with CoreDumpDirectory /var/coredumps/

3. The dir  /var/coredumps/ is set 1777

4. A ktrace of the parrent apache process shows the core file tries to create

 84954 libhttpd.ep RET   kill 0
 84954 libhttpd.ep CALL  sigreturn(0x7ffffffeb030)
 84954 libhttpd.ep RET   sigreturn JUSTRETURN
 84954 libhttpd.ep PSIG  SIGSEGV SIG_DFL
 84954 libhttpd.ep NAMI  ""/var/coredumps/65534-libhttpd.ep-84954.core""
 34924 libhttpd.ep RET   select 0
 34924 libhttpd.ep CALL  gettimeofday(0x7fffffffe890,0)
 34924 libhttpd.ep RET   gettimeofday 0
 34924 libhttpd.ep CALL  fork

5. I  have proc mounted and I can't  gcore -s $PID either

I have no cores and I am stumped.

Mark Saad
mark.saad at ymail.com

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