[nycbug-talk] [OT] Does anyone have any pictures or physical copies of dead tree unix manuals?

Craig MacGregor cmacgreg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 00:36:51 EST 2012


A friend of mine directed me to your post, and I managed to dig up a small
sampling of some of the ancient UNIX docs I acquired during my high school
days scouring book sales, garage sales, and trash heaps in Union County,
NJ, while I was home for these holidays. Unfortunately, the only thing I
*couldn't* find was my real deal, executive-size, comb-bound Bell Labs
Seventh Edition manual. Or maybe it was Sixth Edition-- it had some
different games than the .bun files out there (including "jotto"). I
haven't seen it in a few years, but I know I didn't get rid of it.  I know
I had one of those AT&T manual binders you mentioned, too, but I definitely
had to toss it due to water damage.  I've still got plenty of other
training binders, and even 5 early 80's VHS tapes on UNIX from AT&T....
again, when I find it all.

I've posted a sampling of some of the Bell Labs and similar docs to
wikimedia, I hope it helps (or is at least interesting):

And one of these days, something won't come up the day of an NYCBUG meetup
at Suspenders, I only work 4 blocks away!

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