[nycbug-talk] call for RAM donation for Mirror box

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Sat Feb 18 18:26:03 EST 2012

We are close to having the new mirror box up and running out of the cabinet.

We will formally announce when it's ready.

We are currently synching for OpenBSD and Dragonfly BSD, with room to 
spare.    We chose those two projects first as FreeBSD is building out a 
bunch of cabinets at NYI's NJ facility, and NetBSD has a mirror uptown 
at Columbia U.  Once this box is up and operational, we'll look to 
putting up other projects.

While we received some generous hardware donations, an HP DL385 and a 
fat HP MSA with 250G SATA drives, we need RAM for the D385.

The price is steep, about $300 for 4G, according to Crucial.com.

The box can take up to 32G, but we'd be more than happy to bring it up 
to 8G or so.

If anyone has DDR PC3200 ECC RAM lying around, let us know at admin at .


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