[nycbug-talk] NetBSD on ARM

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Tue Feb 28 14:34:19 EST 2012

On 02/28/12 14:22, Okan Demirmen wrote:
> On Tue 2012.02.28 at 14:17 -0500, George Rosamond wrote:
>> On 02/28/12 13:57, Marco Scoffier wrote:
>>> On 02/28/2012 12:22 PM, Okan Demirmen wrote:
>>>>>> Especially with the Raspberry PI being released.
>>>> Especially for those projects who sign NDA's.
>>> Sorry just googled raspberry pi. NDA's is just a huge hidden market?
>> Yes, cool cheap hardware.
>> Okan was unclear, agree.
>> Not sure what he's referring to with NDAs exactly.  Linux?  FBSD?
> Unless Broadcom has come out and made a complete 180 from their stance
> on everything else in the past few weeks, one will require an NDA to get
> hardware documentation; and I recall reading about a binary blob (maybe
> for the GPU), but I stopped reading at that point so my memory might be
> fuzzy.
> Has something changed since the beginning of the year (2012) with
> RaspberryPI and Broadcom?  I'm not interested enough to look myself, so
> anyone who is curious may want to themselves :)

There.  That was better :)

I do believe that certain Broadcom NICs, eg, have been reverse 
engineered without NDAs.  I think that's the case with the bwi drivers 
used by DFly and OpenBSD, at least.

But I don't know about anyone do RE on GPUs. . .

Oh, the irony of NDAs with cheap hardware meant for school-aged kids 
meant to learn.


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