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On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 11:12 AM, George Rosamond
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> On 03/21/12 11:08, Jan Schaumann wrote:
>> George Rosamond<george at ceetonetechnology.com>  wrote:
>>> Everyone has a Facebook page, even your cats.
>> ...and their practice of creating shadow profiles is actually one of the
>> more creepy ones.
> Does it auto-friend/like people too?
> Orwell was an optimist in 1984.  If he only knew. . .
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If i dont have my friendface It will electric yellow my brain banana !
 No in all seriousness when facebook was released to the public it was
a good way to waste time and catch up with some old friends, find
things to do in your area etc. When they started adding applications,
and targeted ads and brainwashing the youth of today , it became,
something i avoided . The fact is I use it as a way to share photos of
my kid with family members and to find out when the next bar night is


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