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Jim B. jpb at jimby.name
Mon May 14 21:33:12 EDT 2012

Hi All,

So I return from BSDCan to find an email invitation
to speak at the Open Source Working Group at my current
employer (who should remain unnamed please).

I had earlier mentioned that I was a BSD aficionado and
was offered an opportunity to join this group which
explores, discusses, tests, recommends, and actually
uses Open Source software.  While most of the discussions
I've seen in the past are about software libraries, and
specific applications, they offered to let me talk at
the next meeting (May 24) on anything BSD.  I'll have
20-30 minutes, so it's not a lot of time.

As are most organizations using OSS, there is a large
Linux presence, but there is also a lot of other Unix
throughout the enterprise - AIX, Solaris, HPUX, and
probably many others.  I'll have to introduce a bit of
BSD history, philosophy, and the projects before I get
into the details of BSD "gems".

So, put yourself in my audience's shoes - enterprise IT
guys, with a good set of processes in place for a very
large infrastructure based primarily on Windows, AIX,
Linux, and Solaris; with established architecture and
very high expectations for professional IT on a global
scale, who also know quite a lot about Open Source
Software (though mostly Linux).  These are some pretty
smart people.

What would you like to see and hear about regarding
BSD software and the BSD community?

Here's my current draft agenda - suggestions welcome.

I - A Brief History of BSD
 - ATT/UCB partnership
 - ATT lawsuit
 - BSD Family Tree
 - BSD License
II - FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, PC-BSD  Introductions
 - Main features
 - Community
 - Future directions
III - Cool Hot Stuff
 - ZFS
 - Hammer
 - FreeNAS, TrueNAS
 - pf Firewall, CARP, pfSense
 - Embedded BSD
 - Capsicum
 - Virtualization
   - Jails, Xen, Hyper-v, VIMAGE, EC2, and other virtualization topics
 - Desktop PC-BSD
IV - BSD Certification

Remember- only 20-30 minutes!

Jim B.

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