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Raul Cuza raulcuza at gmail.com
Wed May 16 09:09:47 EDT 2012

My 2 cents: less is more. Your agenda looks very interesting and you
could fit it into 20-30 minutes if you don't go very deep into each
item. But if you don't go deep, then you risk not giving the group
enough to chew on. I would try to find 2-3 things I'd want the
audience to walk away with. Once I know what those things are, I'd
figure out some interesting stories that convey them well or perhaps
bring up a controversy that highlights the points. All of this is much
easier said than done.

If they are smart people then they are probably going to prefer
talking about something over just listening. Giving them something to
talk about would be a job well done.


P.S. And, from my experience teaching, having an agenda to convey 2-3
things does not mean I don't have 10 other things ready to go in case
the audience already knows those 2-3 things.

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:45 AM, Jim B. <jpb at jimby.name> wrote:
> * mikel king <mikel.king at olivent.com> [2012-05-15 21:35]:
> [snip]
>> Jim,
>> I don't remember you going to auctioneer school, how are you going to cover all of this in any sort of meaningful fashion in only 20-30 minutes?
> LOL - that's funny.  Yeah - I'll just talk **real fast**.
> I'll probably turn blue and pass out :-)
> Seriously though - I'm going to practice this one beforehand.
> You know, talk to the mirror or something.
> I'm also going to bring some materials with me - such as BSDCG
> brochures, and some BSD Magazine articles.  That way I can
> just mention that people can get more info after the meeting
> on certain topics.
> And if I don't finish, maybe they'll invite me back for more :-)
> Cheers,
> Jim B.
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