[nycbug-talk] Request 2 for NYCBUG Help

Jim B. jpb at jimby.name
Fri May 18 12:27:01 EDT 2012

* Jim B. <jpb at jimby.name> [2012-05-14 21:33]:

Ok, I've got about 20-25 slides at the moment, which gives
me about 1 minute per slide.  Not bad!

One of the items of interest to this group is how "open
source communities" function.  So, in my Projects slides
I have the following Project outline (FreeBSD shown)

  - most widely known, solid academic roots, widely
    used in commercial systems, ISPs, large scale systems
  - Research platform for many ideas and protocols

  Main features (comes standard):
    Dtrace, Large Scale SMP support, SMP aware TCP/IP,
    modular TCP congestion algorithms, SIFTR,
    Ipv6 only kernel available, CLANG/LLVM compiler,
    linuxulator  (See also Cool Hot Stuff)

  Community  <----- See below
     many thousands of developers, 
     ~300 committers, ~100-200 commits per day;
     ~100 main projects; ~10 elected core team; 
     Multiple cvs/svn branches, Perforce repo

  Future directions 
    Virtualization, embedded, further enhanced networking

  www.freebsd.org , www.freebsdfoundation.org - 501(c)3 org

(Before you launch on "But you didn't include feature X or
platform Y!" - remember, this is the *overview* slide.  I
will also be talking about Cool Hot Stuff in later slides.)

Each BSD will have a Project page similar to the one above.
What I really need from this group is some ballpark
statistics on the "Community" entry for the other BSDs:

  Net   - # devs, # committers, # commits/day, # projects, # core
  Open  ditto
  DFly  ditto

There are folks on this list that know these stats (or can
make up some that sound pretty good :-) )

Please send me some stats.  You can reply to me directly
if you prefer.

Much appreciated!

Jim B.

PS - Yes, I will make this preso available when finished.

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