[nycbug-talk] BSD Overview Preso

mikel king mikel.king at olivent.com
Wed May 23 16:02:06 EDT 2012

On May 23, 2012, at 3:05 PM, Jim B. wrote:

> Hi All,
> The scrubbed preso is at http://www.jimby.name/bsdov/bsdov_01.pdf
> All errors are my own :-)
> Enjoy,
> Jim B.

This is very good. You might want to consider identifying the the BSD projects sections as 'Core' projects or something along those lines because that are several tangent projects like picobsd, midnightbsd etc...

You also might want to include a more descriptive title on slide 25. Something like: Commercial adaptations or projects derived from BSD...

The original Iomega NAS devices were based on FreeBSD 4.3. I don't recall if they had a schnazzy name for their OS though.


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