[nycbug-talk] beaglebone first impression

Brett Wynkoop nycbug at wynn.com
Sat Nov 17 13:33:19 EST 2012


Picked up my bone from George last night.  Hooked it up to power via
the usb port of my Mac and took a fast tour around the installed Linux
on the 4GB card.  All in all very nice!  I am going to preserve the
linux card and pick up an 8 GB or bigger card for the bone as my
FreeBSD disk.  I can see several tasks that bones will be  doing once I
am happy with the FreeBSD install.  

I think the first thing this one will do is serve as a DNS server.  

Some of my ideas:

1.  ntp server
2.  dns server
3.  file server (just attach usb disk)
4.  tor node
5.  jabber server
6.  dhcp server
7.  weather station (have to muck with the analog inputs and some
8.  Load balancer - Pound does no disk writes, only reads
9.  vpn server

I may replace some of my old 486 and pentium II boxes with these



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