[nycbug-talk] Sun 4-330 needs new home

nycbug at wynn.com nycbug at wynn.com
Thu Sep 6 23:11:54 EDT 2012


I have a working Sun 4-330 VME BUS sparc machine that needs a new home.
I do not recall how much memory it has, but it was working when pulled from
service in 2001.  It passed POST 2 years ago when I last powered it up.

It has no disks (uses SCSI) and does not have CDROM, but I have a stack of
Sun style CDROM drives and will give the new owner one with the machine.

This machine will boot Sun OS or Solaris 2.4 or netbsd.  

I do not have either Sun OS or Solaris 2.4, but you can grab NetBSD
from a handy mirror and have a working system in an afternoon.

I suspect this would be useful for the NetBSD team as a build box, but 
there is no room in my dataroom to set it up, so if someone wants to set it up 
someplace on behalf of team NetBSD I will help with that task.

If any of you have contacts in the NetBSD team please feel free to pass this 
message along.  I would prefer to see the box help support BSD than go to the
scrap yard.

If you want the machine call or text 917-642-6925.


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