[nycbug-talk] RSS on www site

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Sep 13 13:41:58 EDT 2012

On 09/13/12 13:39, Pete Wright wrote:
> On 09/13/12 10:05, George Rosamond wrote:
>> We now have an RSS feed of the meetings, past and future, off the www
>> site:
>> http://www.nycbug.org/?action=event&do=rss
>> As always, NYC*BUG remains a harbinger of new technologies on the
>> application layer.
>> Now if someone could Tweet loud enough for others to hear, we'd really
>> make some progress.
> i was actually wondering why there is no @nycbug twitter
> thing-a-ma-jigger the other day...

some exterminators have it already.

but I think we have derivation of it somewhere?  Mark S??

Patrick M uses his BSD-TV to pump the meetings, and he has a decent list
of followers.

Mark S deals with FB AFAIK.


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