[nycbug-talk] arm boards

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Fri Sep 21 14:16:00 EDT 2012

On Sep 21, 2012, at 1:16 PM, George Rosamond wrote:

> Quick unscientific poll here:
> how many people have some arm board or another that they are hacking on,
> or blankly staring at with no direction?

Have one Beagle Board in my hands, (super radness…).

Not arm, but also have some more "useful" Soekris 4801's I've tried hacking around with the GPIO on, (absolutely clueless but have had some fun with this).

> Would it be of interest to organize a hack session on it?  Any BSD would
> be appropriate, although difficult to manage without someone with
> experience.

I'd be really interested in a hack session on it-
I'd recommend having some pre-fab "cooking show" sd cards ready to plug in and hack on- best thing to answer questions/curiosities is to have a live unit on hand...

> If there's enough interest, we could try to get a quantity discount from
> some arm vendor or another.  

Spectacular idea.
With little working life with the little thing, I'd recommend the Beagle Board units:
Arduino size, great prototyping headers, about as much computer as an old school Soekris.
$90/ea retail.

> Marvell, for instance, was a sponsor at the
> con a few years back.
> g


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