[nycbug-talk] Off Topic: T420s or T430s anyone?

George Neville-Neil gnn at neville-neil.com
Wed Apr 10 16:57:35 EDT 2013

On Apr 10, 2013, at 15:28 , Matt Juszczak <matt at atopia.net> wrote:

>> I love the 220.  Haven't bothered to upgrade to a 230 which is the current X model.
>> Everything works but hibernation, if you're using the KMS patches.  Without the KMS
>> stuff you get hibernation but X is ugly.
> I was planning on completely replacing my T510 with a T420s and using it as my main machine.  But perhaps it would be better to keep the T510 at home and travel with sometihng like the X220.  What's your experience?  Is the X220 good for a travel laptop?  IE: sometimes having to use it all day for a few days straight?

Yup, I've taken it as my only laptop to some BSD conferences.


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