[nycbug-talk] Crypto Anarchy

Mark Saad mark.saad at ymail.com
Tue Apr 30 18:01:08 EDT 2013

  I was rereading Tim May's Crypto Anarchy manifesto  1. While still relevant today there are a few things that date his work and I wonder if anyone could comment on them.  He mentions Ku-Band transmitters , I assume he is talking about satalite  microwave based communication but what system , is there or was there some form of this available to common users or just governments ?  Also tamper-proof boxes , is he referring to hardware or the concept of say tar'ng up a file encrypting it and signing it ? 

 In any case I wonder what today's readers take away from this text . 


1. http://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/crypto-anarchy.html
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