[nycbug-talk] last night's meeting

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Thu Aug 8 15:33:23 EDT 2013

I'm going to dump things into this email that should be separate.. I
know, I know.  So please don't do any heavy snipping and comment inline.

First, for those who were there last night, I really should have talked
more about the cross-pollination role we can and have played.  I think
it's vital and we've managed to create a physical and mailing list space
for that to happen.  Not to mention the eadler and bcallah show on IRC :)

Second, we have an offer from Scale Engine to stream our meetings.
Can't see why this wouldn't be a good thing.  Any feedback welcome on it
though.  Nikolai should post numbers on the audio downloads, and it
would be interesting to see what the streaming could become.  Our main
man Patrick will be the point person on this.

Finally, the con.  We get regular pings about this.  Admin@,
individually, etc.  Attendees, past and potential sponsors.  But cons
take a lot of effort, way more than most people can imagine.  It becomes
a second fulltime job for a few people, and it is physically exhaustive,
not to mention a complete disruption on a lot of people's lives.

Nonetheless, our cons are tremendously successful, often make money for
the BSD projects, and becomes a unique event in terms of various
projects interacting.  And it is well-acclaimed and complimented way
beyond NYC.

On that note, I mentioned us doing a day con some time into the new
year.  It's not a regular con time, as long as we don't bump into
AsiaBSDCon, and daycons are a lot less demanding.  We would not fly in
people, and deal with hotels, which is usually the largest expense.

We would hit topics that are current and are part of the larger debates
beyond just the BSDs.  And for us to hold one or two a year should not
be exhausting.

As per last night's discussion, we will have an organizing meeting in
the near future to map things out.  Feedback and input is encouraged.

So *if* you want to be central to organizing the next con, you can be.


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