[nycbug-talk] (forw) FW: SANS NewsBites Vol. 15 Num. 064 : NSA Plans to Eliminate System Administrators for Improved Security; DHS Deputy Secretary Lute Takes On Global Leadership in Cybersecurity

Brian Coca briancoca+nycbug at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 19:14:31 EDT 2013

So, instead of keeping admins in a system they can possibly audit (MACs,
they did contribute the selinux thingy), use virtual systems in which you
cannot audit what you do in the physical system ... like access the VM data

instead of vetting the admins directly, count on the cloud provider to do
so ... cause vendors NEVER bait and switch personnel, specially in their
own remote facility.

At least they've shown they also can make horrible decisions when in a
state of panic.

Funny that the they think the solution is not "don't do stuff the taxpayer
will not like" but "minimize the possibility of the taxpayer finding out".

@George, a presentation on bsd/tor/darknets/freedombox survival packages
seems more apropos every day.

</rant> I have more but you probably all already know it better than I do.
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