[nycbug-talk] ARM NICs

George Rosamond george at ceetonetechnology.com
Wed Dec 11 13:16:47 EST 2013

Pete Wright:
> Hey guys - anyone know of any ARM boards that have more than on NIC?
> Checked around quickly last night and didn't find anything too promising.
> my plan is to run a super low-power board to act as a NAT device for
> some R&D stuff i'm doing.  figure it'd be a good chance to test out
> FreeBSD's evolving ARM support.

I don't... but I'm sure there are.  I don't remember actually seeing
any.  Anyone one from pfSense onlist might know... cmb?

What *did* you find?

You could also (crazily) try some usb NICs.. .there's some that have
decent support, even if it's a pretty bad idea in general.

FBSD ARM has some heavy changes right now... there are regular breaks in
HEAD and in 10 stable.. so playing?  Yes.  Production?  not quite.

I think also GNN has been buying less-known ARM boards pretty regularly.


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