[nycbug-talk] BSDP LabKit - Help Needed

Jim B. jpb at jimby.name
Sun Dec 22 18:30:56 EST 2013

Hello All,

Work towards the BSD Professional Exam continues, and
if you have some time to help out, you can make a 
real difference.

We now have an external USB drive image for a BSDP Lab Kit.
The 8GB image can be dd'ed onto an external hard drive
(>25 GB recommended), and if booted from the external
drive will load a standalone, customized PCBSD image
with Aqemu, Firefox, and a terminal program. There are
4 preconfigured Virtual Machines that can be run
from Aqemu.
I'd like to get feedback from a fair number of people on
this list with different hardware (AMD 64bit, 4GB minimum,
and USB 2.0 or 3.0) to see if it performs well with a
variety of hardware.

If you are interested, please reply off list.  Let me
know what kind of hardware you have and I'll send you
an email with download link. (Think twice here - you'll
need to download 8GB to get the image. :-)

If we can get 15 or 20 responses, it will help us iron
out any bugs.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Jim B.

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