[nycbug-talk] Request for Review, Summary of FreeBSD src fetching problems

Brett Wynkoop nycbug at wynn.com
Thu Feb 14 14:02:25 EST 2013

On Thu, 14 Feb 2013 13:51:12 -0500
Marc Spitzer <mspitzer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Brett,
> Don't take this the wrong way but why do you need to build from
> source at all on all your servers?  Why not set up a freebsd-update
> server that serves your current build and install the build only
> tools, including svn, on 1 crappy box(8gb ram, 500gb disk, 4 cores)
> and build binary updates for all your serves and then use the binary
> update tools that come with the os to patch?  This is much more
> maintainable, scaleable and auditable.
> If all your servers are special and unique the odds are you are doing
> it wrong, very wrong in this age of cheap commodity hardware.   Even
> if all your servers are special and unique there is nothing stopping
> you from setting up a freebsd-update server for each of them so you
> never have to install source build tools on the operational systems.
> marc

No Marc the odds are that I have systems I maintain at CUSTOMER-A
CUSTOMER-B CUSTOMER-C, and now I have x86,AMD64 and ARM at my own place
as well as mixtures of those at clients.

Nothing you mentioned excuses the bloat of svn being required for



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