[nycbug-talk] Request for Review, Summary of FreeBSD src fetching problems

Marc Spitzer mspitzer at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 22:00:52 EST 2013

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 9:13 PM, Brian Callahan <bcallah at devio.us> wrote:

> On 2/14/2013 6:28 PM, Marc Spitzer wrote:
>>     I'm going to throw something out here, and feel free to disagree
>>     with me.
>>     Easy access to source, even if we grant that it is "silly in 2013"
>>     as has been stated before, is no excuse for no easy access to source.
>> How is source access not easy?  just install svn and you have it.  Is
>> there a hard step I am missing?
> What's the undue hardship of having a tool in base that can do this? As
> far as I understand it, the issue here boils down to:
> 1. I have FreeBSD.
> 2. I want sources.
> 3. I do not want to/cannot run svn.
> How can I get sources?

Since binary patching is how things are getting done for the os patching,
why should there be a tool in base to grab source?  and you can download
the system source code using wget or curl, unless they are also too big to
install on your system.  Source is not as critical to operational
management of your system as it used to be, things change.

> "You can't" should be an unacceptable answer in my opinion.
> Anyhow, I've put in my two cents. I'm done with this topic.

As have I, remember when you could buy bubble gum with two cents?


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