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Pat McEvoy mcevoy.pat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 12:25:19 EST 2013

I wanted to ask the group some advice on an idea I have to grow the BSDTV
project. I have been getting some good results on the hosted videos on
YouTube. Our last video from Eitan already has over 500 views and it is
barely up a week and the Twitter account is up over 666 followers. I wanted
to start a blog website for the project and wanted to ask your advice.

Have a small informative website promoting the BSDTV videos and other
content garnered from NYCBug meetings and NYCBSDCons.
(If anyone has additional content ideas, please let me know. Jim and I
spoke of "HowTo" and "How do you use BSD" segments. If anyone would like to
volunteer to allow me to make a video of their work flows/setups, I would
be very interested. )

Using a small CMS powered website I am hoping to strike the balance
between the sometimes mutually exclusive ease of use and secure blogging
website. I would like it to have a RSS system that is configured to
generate a RSS entry with each new entry to the website. I would then
like to use that feed to populate the Facebook and Twitter feeds making
management of the BSDTV info as easy as possible. This will allow me to
keep the project going when things get busy. I would like to hear any
experienced input as to the best system to use for this project. I plan
to keep hosting the videos on YouTube and possibly explore the Mozilla
Popcorn project to make the presentations as informative as possible.


Thank you.
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