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Mikel, I will definitely need to buy that inverter. So far every boiler guy
said its 24VAC only no DC .

Brett , thanks for the insight in the use of VAC, I saw some talk about
running a lennox on VDC but I did not follow the line of thought in the
post. .

 The kick in the balls is the efficiency requirements they now have. I will
have to hack the install after its  approved by the town. For one there is
a positive air flow sensor. This is used to determine if you have good
combustion air . No positive air flow the control system trips the boiler .
You end up with a new having to get a new vent  IMHO since this is not a
high pressure boiler used by conEd I could care less about this. I am not
even sure how much this improves the burner.

On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 11:34 AM, Brett Wynkoop <wynkoop at wynn.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:12:34 -0500
> Mark Saad <mark.saad at ymail.com> wrote:
> > All
> >   So I had the first of 5 boiler makers / plumbers show up and tell
> > me what they can do. This guy said the boilers he installs are 24VAC
> > powered , he did not think you could easily run them off batteries;
> > and that I should speak to an electrician .
> >
> > The funny thing I still can not figure out is, why the hell do
> > boilers user AC and not DC ? Does anyone know why ?
> >
> They are low voltage for safety.
> They are AC for simplicity.  No need for rectifiers.
> If this was 30 years ago with electromechanical thermostats and
> controls I would say you could interchange DC for the AC, but with the
> new controls I would not do that without talking to the thermostat
> maker and the boiler maker.
>                               Bi-Metalic-Strip
>         24v AC o-------------------------o/ o--------
>                                                      3
>                                                      3 Fuel Solonoid
>                                                      3
>                o--------------------------------------
> The above is the control circuit of a boiler 30 years ago.  It will run
> either AC or DC as the thermostat and solonoid will normally operate on
> either.
> With today's modern units I am sure they have replaced the simple
> bimetalic strip with something electronic and who knows what the fuel
> solonoid looks like.  It may not actually be electromagenitic any more.
> Check with the maker of the boiler and control systems.  The installer
> will not know how it works, only that he needs to connect it up like
> the instructions say.
> -Brett
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